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Where Are My ASOS Packages!

 Monday, January 30, 2012

After a really good experience with ASOS's free international delivery for the first time in August 2011, I became rather addicted to the website. I mean, how could you not like it? The clothes are pretty damn nice, and they always have sales. And FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY. Like wtf. Even those within UK (nearer) have to pay, but if you live OUTSIDE UK, it's free. I bet all the people in UK are mad jealous. Well, don't be - you'll see why.

As I was saying, after the first good experience - whereby my package arrived even faster than the 10 days they said it would take, I confidently placed an order for a shitload of stuff. I bought 12 items... this was way back at end October 2011.

** I blackened out my size, wtf**

I waited... and waited... and waited for the package to arrive and it never did. If I got a letter from Pos Malaysia saying that I had to pay tax for it, I would've gone and paid for it in KLIA. It's because among the items in this order, there was one item that I desperately wanted. In case you are wondering, it's the Rare Embellished Fluted Sleeve Dress. It's 20 pounds (around RM100?) and it is something I wanna wear for a very specific occasion. It is not too showy, but despite looking just plain and white, it also has some cute sequin & beading embellishments in front of the dress. It's really nice! And it is cheap! And I want to wear it for a specific occasion!

I even waited some more when ASOS's customer service told me to wait longer for it to come. Maybe there's some slow down due to festive season. Finally, in the middle of November, they kindly re-sent the package again. However, due to some items being out of stock, my 12 item purchase had dwindled down to only 6 items. They refunded me for the other items that couldn't be replaced.

Although I was pretty pissed off that all my cheap and cute underwear seemingly cannot be bought anymore, I was still relieved that the Rare Embellished Fluted Sleeve Dress was still in stock! I had my hopes up that I could get the shipment by end of November. Again... the waiting game being. Waited... waited.. waited... I was really hoping that some of the items arrived before December because I was going to Singapore then and I wanted to look pretty! You know lah, Singaporeans dress really nicely. :P

Guess what? Never came. Even I myself felt embarassed to ask ASOS to refund me or re-send the package. I don't know if it's the problem with Pos Malaysia or what. I even asked ASOS if they could charge me for postage as when they gave the free delivery, it is with STANDARD delivery. This means - no tracking / shipment number. It's like you fling it to the postman and hope for the best. They said that due to someTHING (don't really know what), they cannot offer express delivery for stuff outside of UK. OMG, I was seriously thinking of getting them to ship it to an address within UK, and paying extra for the shipment from UK back to Malaysia. Maybe use a service like VPOST. Sadly, this time, they told me that almost all the items are OUT OF STOCK. That included my Rare Embellished Fluted Sleeve Dress. Since that was the item that I really, REALLY wanted and was willing to pay the extra postage for.. I decided... FTS, and asked them to resend with Standard Delivery again. Lol! This time, my order of 12 items which became 6 items had dwindled down to 2 items!

One panty and one skirt! WTF. I imagined some perverted postman wearing all my panties from the first order. Bastard! But then guess what?

Although ASOS Care said that they were OUT OF STOCK for a few items, I found out that they were actually IN STOCK when I surfed the sales items again. This included my Rare Embellished Fluted Sleeve Dress! OMG! Are they lying to me, or did my package really get bounced back from Malaysia back to UK (don't know why didn't get delivered), or is their inventory system not very updated, or did someone return it, or did they never even send out my package in the first place? I don't want to point fingers, but I thanked God (because I really want that dress!) and I made another placement for the dress! And guess what? The dress became 2 pounds cheaper... Lol!

At the same time, since I dwindled from 12 items to only 4 items (2 re-delivered, and 2 re-ordered), I decided to splurge on another two items that became recent sale items. Keep in mind, all this was placed within 2 or 3 days of each other, I didn't place all on the same day. Yes, I stalk ASOS daily.

And guessssss whattttt? In the end, only my re-order of the Rare Embellished Fluted Sleeve Dress and the Full Mini Prom skirt arrived. The other two items are lost in transit AGAIN. WTF! I just don't get it. My friend Sookie has been ordering from that website and she says that she has never missed a package. Why is it that I lost SO many?! Anyway, I just asked them to re-deliver again, and my package of 2 items has dwindled down to 1 lonely panty:

Can you imagine? This from my original of 12 items. Became 1 panty. Costing 4 pounds. -__-"

The redelivery of the liquorish metallic skirt and pleated mini skirt are still in stock. I hope my 2 skirts and underwear gets delivered. Cos I'm honestly sick of constantly waiting in vain for the stuff. After this, no matter how good the ASOS sales are, I won't be purchasing anymore. At least I got THE dress in the end. Sigh...


Sean Chaw March 26, 2014 at 11:04 AM  

Seems like you have had a very bad experience with ASOS.com. Did you get your purchase at the end of the day or not ? I am not sure if international online fashion players are ready to launch in South East Asia countries.

Sean | asos singapore promo code

Diane Writes April 9, 2014 at 11:04 PM  

Hi Leech! I'm a first shopper from ASOS and contrary to your story.... it looks like I will have a negative and traumatic first time experience. As you have guessed it, my order is yet to arrive or will not anymore arrive? :(

jacob20martin July 14, 2018 at 4:04 AM  

Uh-oh! It feels bad when you don’t get you packages on time. I was very tired of receiving my packages late and then I found a very good same day courier service and I started getting my parcels and packages on time sometime within hours.

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